Helpful Information

We know that if you are reading this site that you may have a child with a brain tumour or know someone who has. Learning that a young person has a brain tumour /cancer is undoubtedly one of the most distressing things that can happen to a family, but today nearly 70% of young children can be cured if they are referred to an established childhood cancer centre. We do know too that the ‘statistic’ likely to matter most is your baby, child or teenager and the service that is provided at these centres is committed to high quality care for all of the family.

This guide provides you with practical information about the multidisciplinary team who will be available to help you and your family, a glossary of names that will explain words you may hear during the treatment journey and a number of websites with more information.

We hope you will find this information useful and are keen to hear your suggestions for future information on our website.