Helpful Websites

The internet can be a wonderful tool to allow you to access information quickly. This information may not always be accurate and it is, therefore, important to have knowledge of reliable sites. Families can often wonder where to begin with the overwhelming amount of information available online. This is a list to help you start the process. We hope you find it helpful.

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General Sites

This is a good site with information for all cancer types. The St Jude Research Hospital in Memphis is recognised as a leading paediatric oncology Hospital.

Cure search for children’s cancer is a US website. The site is linked to the children’s Oncology Group and provides information for parents and patients. This site also has information of late effects.

Cancer Backup and Macmillan have joined forces or this new UK website. There is a lot of information on childhood cancer and it’s treatment, and advice and suggestions. There are also online discussions and forums for chatting with others.

Links are provided from here to a whole host of other sites. Informative but a little daunting.

This site has a good “kids and teens” section. There are also resources for parents, grandparents, siblings and teachers.

This site is the Children’s Hospital of Boston and has comprehensive information on disease types, treatment and current research. There is also support offered for parents.

National Cancer Institute in the US. A site for adults and paediatrics. It also has links to other sites and can tell of recent research and treatment plans.

Brain Tumour Specific

Paediatric Brain Tumour Foundation in the US run this site and provided information, support programs and stories.

Clinical trials and noteworthy treatments for Brain Tumours.

Children’s Brain Tumour Foundation in the US run this site and provides information, support programmes and stories.

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is a site for both adults and children. There are good education articles and a handbook worth reading, as well as community news.

Samantha Dickinson Brain Tumour Trust, UK based charity for those with brain tumours. Information, advice, on-line support group in relation to low grade Gliomas.

Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre. Information provided regarding treatments for brain tumours and a good glossary of terms.

This is a site for all children with an acquired brain injury. It also has a great booklet “Returning to School – A Teachers guide for pupils with Brain Tumours” that may be downloaded in PDF.

For Parents

This is a website for the National Alliance for Childhood Cancer Parents Organisations in the UK. This site will also link to other websites and support groups.

This is an online support network site for parents.

This is an American site with practical tips, encouragement and humour for parents and families.

For Siblings

An American site for siblings of children diagnosed with cancer.

For Young People/Teens

A site which provides basic information about cancer for teens.

A site which Supports teenagers and young adults.

Information sharing site for teenagers, with news, blogs and videos.

A website for children containing activities, quizzes and information.

Support Services
Queensland Cancer Council
Camp Quality
Make a Wish Foundation
Ronald McDonald Charities
Starlight Foundation