The support offered through the Brainchild Foundation will have a three tiered approach.

Research is essential to achieve better outcomes both in treating brain and spinal tumours in children and also in enabling a better quality of life for those who have been cured of their disease.
Treatment Journey:
Every family travelling the treatment journey with their child requires assistance in many ways. Brainchild will offer financial support through their financial package, emotional support through their volunteers, information support through their brochures and website and family support through networking and camps. Brainchild Foundation’s aim is to help make the journey easier for each family.
After Cancer Care:
Following on from treatment that support must continue. The Brainchild Foundation aims to continue with care by offering education scholarships to the children and by supporting families as they transition back into the community. Family camps will also provide a time to relax and meet other families and further extend their support network.

As we travel the support journey our aim is to ensure that every family of children diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour have been assisted in some way. If you would like to know how the Brainchild Foundation can help you during your childs journey please email 'Support' on our contact us page.