Jimmy's 22 Million Steps for kids with Brain Cancer

At the recent Brainchild Foundation SA Gala Ball our Ambassador and team member James 'Jimmy' Harrington announced an exciting new event that he and Brainchild Foundation will be holding annually in the month of May for Brain Cancer Awareness month. We are still in the planning stages but please stay tuned for further updates including a specialised website and facebook page for this event. We would be delighted for you to be involved in this event in some small way. Jimmy explains the concept in more detail as follows:

Ever since I finished my walk around Australia back in 2014, Brainchild and I have tried to figure out how to keep the name ‘Jimmys Walk for Cancer’ alive. You can only do so much with ‘Jimmys WALK for Cancer’.
So we went back and calculated that it would have taken me 22 million steps to complete the journey. So we thought we would use that number, 22 million steps, and start a signature event to be held in May each year. This will be an Australia wide fundraiser involving many of our Brainchild supporters both existing and hopefully new, who collectively will replicate the steps I made.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce “Jimmy's 22 Million Steps for Kids Brain Cancer”

The official launch will be on the 6th of May 2018 but the campaign will run from May 1st right through to May 31st. 
If we achieve our goal of getting everyone to help us reach 22 million steps, with every step raising 1 cent, we can raise $220,000. 

Still a lot of information to be finalised, a lot things still to plan out. But basically you’ll register as a ‘Jimmy Stepper’ and nominate how many steps you want to achieve, requesting for people to donate 1 cent per step, and we’ll send you out a pedometer so you can track your steps. You can do as little or as many steps as you want, but the more you do, the more we’ll raise and the more laps of Australia we can do!!!
There will also be awesome prizes to be won for the highest fundraisers!!

Online we will have the map of Australia with the route that I walked and every step that is stepped during May will be added to the route and together we will walk around Australia. But instead of it taking a year to complete, together we’ll get it done in one month. Lucky buggers! 

As we progress with this we will add little gimmicks to it also.

I’m so excited, I hope you’re excited too. As I said, still so much to organise but it’s a thing now. Stay tuned as we begin to ramp up what we hope will be a big ongoing annual fundraiser.
Start spreading the word now, get your local school, scout groups, social clubs, gyms or work places involved. Dedicate a day in May for a walkathon. I’ll come and join!! 

If you have any questions or feedback, please email me at harrington.james@hotmail.com or info@brainchild.org.au

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