Every year in Australia, approximately 200 children will be diagnosed with a brain tumour. Despite all of the advances of modern medicine, around half of these children will ultimately die from their disease. Even for those who recover, the long term effects of the tumour and its treatment can be significant, affecting the physical, intellectual and social development of the child.

The Brainchild Foundation are raising funds to support the children suffering from these conditions and provide help and education where their families need it the most. Research into the causes of this terrible disease is paramount to the continuous improvement of the treatments used to fight these tumours, and this is where we need to provide the platform to raise funding so that we can reach beyond all of our stars.

There are a number of options when considering a donation to the Brainchild Foundation, all of which will help us achieve our goal.

  • The first option is a secure one off donation to the Brainchild foundation.
  • The second is a monthly or regular donation that will provide reliable long term income, which will help us to plan future research programmes, which in turn will assist us in finding a cure. It will also enable us to ensure that Scholarships are provided wherever needed.
  • A donation can also be made to the Foundation in lieu of a gift, or in the memory of a loved one.

A donation of any kind will go a long way in assisting the Brainchild Foundation in supporting children affected by brain and spinal cord tumours.