The Brainchild Foundation Research Story to date.

We recognised from our very first days as a charity that we needed to support the families on their child’s treatment journey. We needed to aid the young people in their years ahead after treatment. BUT with a multiprong approach to these debilitating diseases we needed research to drive the understanding of why, and how we could improve the outcome for every future child.

Our support of research has been innovative, paediatric CNS tumour driven, result focussed and collaborative.

Research grants that have been allocated since 2010 include the following.

Relationship of hypoxia to stem like behaviour and treatment resistance in paediatric brain tumours

Identifying “druggable biomarkers” for personalised therapy in newly diagnosed and relapsed paediatric brain tumour patients

Queensland Tumour bank to maximise tissue donations and collaborate with national and global studies

Modelling paediatric glioblastoma in mouse chimaeras to allow an expression of the mutant H3.3M27 working at a RNA level

Establishment of patient-derived xenografts from paediatric brain tumours to facilitate personalised genomic approach to treatment

National Liquid Biopsy Study: isolating ctDNA from CSF can precede clinical evidence

Integrating innovative models of the brain microenvironment to identify new treatment strategies for Medulloblastoma