Our Vision

To provide support and better tomorrows to the children and families affected by brain and spinal cord tumours while striving for a cure.

Our Mission

Brainchild Foundation’s mission is to provide emotional, financial and educational support to the families of children who have been diagnosed with tumours of the brain and spinal cord.

Support is inclusive of emergency financial relief managed through hospital welfare, bereavement support, tutoring assistance for young people as they return to school after treatment, and family camps and respite that provide well deserved fun for all.

These debilitating diseases need to be attacked from many sides and the Brainchild Foundation is committed to allocating research funds to paediatric brain and spinal cord tumour research through targeted financial grants. Research into causes of this terrible illness is paramount to the continuous improvement of the treatments used to fight these tumours. We’re committed to providing a solid platform to raise funds so that we can reach beyond all of our stars.

There are 5 key objectives to our foundation

Each represented by one of the stars in our logo.

Red Star


To raise awareness of brain and spinal tumours in children and to build a community of supporters.
Orange Star


To provide support to affected children and their families.
Yellow Star


To promote ground breaking research into the causes and treatments of these tumours.
Green Star


To improve the treatment and outcomes for children with brain and spinal cord tumours.
Blue Star


To raise vital funds to help achieve all of these critical goals.